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This is a beautiful town situated at the golf course of Costa Blanca, in the province of Alicante in Spain. The municipality is the municipality of Orihuela, which means you will be located at one of the most beautiful places in the whole region. Although the town is considered to be a new one, (since people started moving there and building back around the 1970s) the area is perfect for people who want the town practicality combined with the delicious and bohemian life of those who live right close to the beach. Regardless of what you have been looking for there are certainly the right properties for sale in Villamartin and at least one of the properties are bound to please you. You can find a little bit of everything, from big to small properties. You will definitely be able to find the property that best fits both your needs and also budget. From beautiful townhouses you will be able to find a little bit of everything there.

The town has a little bit of everything. Therefore you will always have something to be busy with! There are night clubs, cafes, golf courses, bilingual schools (English and Spanish), delicious foods (Mediterranean styled) amazing looking villas , townhouses and apartments, for sale villamartin and also beautiful wild life such as with native parrots, which are a very nice addition to the whole settings! You will find yourself enchanted with the beauty and also all the usefulness of the town as a whole. You will be minutes away from the two main airports of the Costa Blanca area as well as have access to doctors, supermarkets and amazing stores that are present all over the country.

You will have both comfort and charm together in the very same place. There are is perfect since it also has. The apartments are definitely a great option for those who would like to get a nice taste of all that the area has to offer for its residents. It is a nice investment since you can either live or simply rent the property. In fact you can find a great side to every single property for sale in Villamartin because not only is the area expanding but it is also extremely nice to live or at least spend some time over. You will definitely fall in love with the nice life that only this incredible area of the Costa Blanca area could offer. Villamartin has everything to continue expanding and is also an excellent place for you to live and spend some time at. It does not matter what the size of your family is, you will have all of the conditions that you both need and deserve to have a wonderful life there! The prices are also a very nice plus! Live and love your life!


Orihuela Costa

A beautiful town home of beautiful beaches and also cathedrals, this could best describe this true paradise called the Orihuela Costaa. The town is beautiful and has several different things to enchant and also to entertain. Have you ever imagined you would be able to find a property for sale in Orihuela Costa that is perfect for you and for your whole family, whether you would like to live or to simply travel? It is very possible since the area counts with several different beautiful townhouses for sale. in the area of Orihuela Costa. The area is also famous for its amazing palm trees and delicious Mediterranean food. This is the area where hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world would simply give anything to be able to visit. It is a true and real paradise, and the best thing about it all is that this true paradise is simply waiting for you to become part of it. And for an amazing price, that is.

You can find all sorts of properties for sale in Orihuela Costa to buy or to rent. One of the most famous options are villas because they are a typical type of construction of the area. If you would like to have something as traditional you should also give some attention to the also charming townhouses. They are beautiful and extremely cheap for those who would like to get them. Now, I you would like to have something more traditional, like most people have nowadays you could certainly get a nice apartment since there are hundreds of different types of apartments. Once you visit the town you will be able to get a taste of what it has as its best to offer you. The town is incredible and the people, oh the people! They are amazing on their own. Always so warm and welcome, you will truly be able to make some new friends on this beautiful land full of beauties and delicacies. As for the food, you will get surprised with all of the delicious options that you will have available for you. From the nice open air markets that happen all over town to the delicious corner restaurants and bars that you will be able to find.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not visit this truly amazing place. You will have fun, learn a new culture and also be able to find all of the things that you need. You will have the right infra-structure available all over town while still being able to enjoy the natural features only this region of Spain is able to offer. You will certainly be able to lead a much healthier and calmer life at this incredible town. The area is also perfect for you to simply spend a season at relaxing. Enjoy!  You will never forget the true beauties once you are able to see one.


This is a charming town located in the province of Alicante in Spain. As one of the oldest Costa Blanca town, the area offers several different beautiful option for the residents and also the visitors to see.  The town is small and full of natural beauties. Millions of people would simply give anything to be able to live and spend their days in such a wonderful natural paradise. What are you waiting for? You can find for sale  in the area of Benissa, with the size and also the price that you need.  are a nice example of the beauties you can find in the area!

The houses come in unique shapes, all beautifully designed. The locals are nice and are more than willing to have new residents grace the area. You will also have other options when it comes to properties, in fact the town has a different type of property for each type of person, all you have to do is take a look and find what best fits both your needs and also budget. There is at least one property for sale in Benissa that will please you! Every single year the town received hundreds and hundreds of tourists, which means you will have the opportunity to enjoy the life at a true paradise. Although the town receives tourists every single year, there is no need to worry, the town does not get crowded and irritating. You will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world in a very comfortable and fun environment, no crowds, and no headaches.

The Townhouses are a must to see on their own. They are beautiful and traditional looking. You will have access to the most beautiful construction sites in the area. Benissa has several different beauties to offer everyone, including delicious restaurants, beautiful architecture, amazing beaches and nice neighbourhoods for you to spend time with your whole family. In fact, every single year Benissa and other areas of the Costa Blanca region receive dozens of immigrants, this happens because the area is expanding and people are seeing the area’s full potential.  In case you are not so sure whether you would adapt to the town you can either buy or even rent a nice little apartment. The town has several different apartments. You will definitely be able to see whether you and your family would adapt or not to the area, and even if you would not like to live in town you could at least spend some nice holidays that is for sure. Therefore if you are looking for a wonderful town in Spain Benissa is definitely an option to be considered. You will certainly enjoy your time and have a lot of fun in this beautiful natural paradise. Are you ready to enjoy life at its fullest?


If you visit Alcalali which over 200m above sea level and is next to the Xalo river you have the tower dating back to the 15th century you have the ethnological museum which is in the old mill. The town is full of history where you can find a bargain property for sale in Alcalali with spectacular views of la Vall.


Senija has a 18th century church which is on top of an old Arab mosque which is underneath the construction you can find various townhouses, property for sale in Senija. And also the chapel is a place to visit.

Parcent is placed on a hill, with beautiful landscape views. where you will also find property for sale in Parcent with spectacular views El Carrascar is a great place for walkers where you can see how beautiful this town is and the region.





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