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The beach playground of Torrevieja is nestled into the southern tip of the Costa Blanca, and if you are in search for properties for sale in Torrevieja, you’re probably a fan of beach life.30 Miles south of the capital city Alicante, this beach jewel is home to 104,000 residents and receives that many tourists every month.

Not many towns can say they began as a guard tower, but that is the origin of Torrevieja, which means “old tower.”  Just a stone guard tower stood on the site of what is now the city until 1803.  At that time, since the town is between two salt lakes, they opened some salt production offices, and the tiny settlement was becoming a town. Today, there are villas for sale in Torrevieja, as well as a wide variety of property in this small, burgeoning town.

Modern Torrevieja has an open, sea-breeze feel.  It is full of water fountains and airy train stations and markets, allowing you to feel the sea air just about any time.  Dwellers of long-term rentals, which are currently for sale in Torrevieja, frequent the gorgeous beaches, such as Playa del Cura, Playa de los Locos, Playa de los Naufragos, Playa de La Mata. Of these beaches, probably the most noteworthy is the Playa del Cura, a busy beach in the center of the city, hopping with food stalls, ice cream stands and other activities for beach combers.  Apartments for sale in Torrevieja will put you within reach of this fun destination.

One trait of all the beaches in Torrevieja is the little coves that provide for quiet contemplation and a bit of privacy. Another amenity of the downtown area is the amazing Teatro Auditorio (Local Theatre), a stunning cube of a building tilted at a spectacular angle.  The building, created by Alejandro Zaera Polo and Antonio Marquerie Tamayo.  It is located in Miguel Hernandez Square. It’s not only a great place to take in a play, but also a great structure adding to the towns character.

People who have bought property like the ones for sale in Torrevieja not only frequent the theatre, but also the Music Hall, Palacio De La Musica.  This building is, like the theatre, unique and inviting, made up of a lovely, mirror-paneled cylinder attached to the main structure. 

The Cost Blanca area of Spain is home to many great water parks, and Torrevieja’s is the Aquopolis, home to many water slides and shimmering blue pools. Tourists and residents alike enjoy a variety of excellent restaurants.  The Restaurante El Pescador (fish restaurant) is one of the best.  Yes, you can dine on amazing fish there, and they also offer amazing paella and black rice—all up and down the Costa Blanca, you’ll find amazing grains that serve either as side-dishes or as satisfying entrees. 

At Rincon de Capis, fine diners will encounter wagyu beef and foie gras along with that day’s fresh catches from the sea.  El Tintero is located at Playa del Cura, standing on a pier right on the water’s edge.  It’s been there from 1953 and specializes in—of course—seafood.

If you’re looking for nightclubs, you can’t miss out on Jaima Del Puerto, an amazing club at which you can sip your libations on a canopied bed!  Not far behind is the Queen Mississippi, the improbably named club that also serves Mediterranean cuisine.  It competes nicely with Jaima by offering sumptuous sofas and lounge areas, which they like to call the Chill Out Zone. 

You may be looking at property as an investment or may be looking to re-locate to Torrevieja yourself.  Perhaps you’re looking for a second home.  In any case, this small town in the south of Spain’s Costa Blanca gives you surprising elegance, as well as a more down-to-Earth charm.



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Every single year, thousands of people visit this amazing town in Spain. Most of them never go back to their homes. Not only are the houses and apartments at Torrevieja beautiful, but they are also extremely affordable. Whatever you need, Torrevieja has it for you! There are many bargains available in this beautiful town. All you have to do is spend some time looking at this amazing location!

The town is used to receiving people from all over the world. So you will certainly feel just like you were at home. In addition, you will have an amazing view to the sea, amazing food, beautiful outside markets and nice people! This is simply a real paradise! You will perfectly fit the atmosphere of the town. They are beautiful and suit everyone. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will find a perfect property in Torrevieja that will enchant you and your whole family.

If you would like to have an apartment with a beautiful view to the sea, you can easily find apartments in torrevieja. You will be able to find studios to big and fancy apartments. The prices in Torrevieja are also very affordable. You can find studios for as little as 50.000 euros and beautiful villas for 300.000 euros. You can have anything in this land of dreams and beauty. Now, for those who would like to get a little taste of what this town has to offer, then you may also find long term rentals torrevieja. These rentals will allow you to enjoy the town while you decide whether or not you are ready to move!

These long term rentals also allow you to find a type of residence that best fits your needs. You can try houses, apartments, mansions…whatever you want you can try in Torrevieja! This town will certainly become the town of your dreams! Make sure you give yourself the chance to live life at its fullest! You will love it.

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