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Check out general information about the Costa Blanca.




Costa Blanca Weather

If you would like to visit Costa Blanca in Spain sometime, then please do! You will certainly love it. The weather is one of the best things about this place. During the high season (summer), you can enjoy the sun and the 20 to 29 degrees Celsius. If you are wondering when summer is, it starts in June and ends around august. Although this is a high season, you and your family will certainly be able to enjoy other months in Costa Blanca. For example, September is a very nice month to enjoy what the area has best to offer.



Now, if you would like to enjoy the winter in Costa Blanca make sure you bring a jacket. During December and January the weather can be as cold as 11 or 12 degrees Celcius, which is certainly not the best weather for a person to enjoy the beach. Make sure you take the appropriate clothes according to the weather. Most people prefer to enjoy the summer in Costa Blanca, since it has so many beautiful beaches and resort like hotels with pools and others. Regardless of the weather you choose to travel, Costa Blanca is always a very good option for a trip.



Holidays on the Costa Blanca

Holidays on Spain’s Costa Blanca are just all about having fun in the sun. Its name, the White Coast, gives you a flavor of what awaits you. It shows and exhibits miles of enticing sands. This is what attracts many people since many like comfort in Costa Blanca. You can imagine yourself there sinking your toes into the soft grain of sand with the warm Spanish sun beating down on you. Costa Blanca offers everything you could possibly need for a whole beach break. It has restaurants and cafes, pubs and bars, Karaoke’s and discos; you just have to name it and it has got it right there with it.



The place you decide to go entirely depends on you. You are the one to decide and choose whether you want it or not. In fact, everywhere you gaze your eye, you will get the beauty of Costa Blanca. This beauty in Costa Blanca is irresistible and just manages to captivate one’s eye all the time. It is therefore important for people to know and be aware of what is happening. This will ensure the person stays aware and remains ready for anything at any time when it comes..



Tourism on the Costa Blanca

Every year the coastal area of Costa Blanca receives millions of tourists that come from all over the world. Although the area is often visited by European people, it always has its arms wide open for visitors from all over the world. The tourism in the area is high due to a few factors such as great weather all year through nice restaurants that serve delicious Mediterranean food.



The Costa Blanca also provides beautiful natural features such as sea, hills, beaches, parks and others. The simple and enchanting towns always have residents that are willing to help tourists to feel comfortable and welcome at all times. You will also have access to several different tourist attractions that will enchant you! Everything is cheap and of high quality. You will never feel bored on the Costa Blanca.



Apart from these factors, it is also important to remember that the region has many natural areas to visit.  The area works like an “escape from the city” paradise. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit this corner of the world, do, you will never regret doing so. 



The Costa Blanca is best known as a tourist route. People love Costa Blanca because of a series of factors such as the friendly people, the delicious food, the good prices and also the natural beauty. Regardless of what you expect from this beautiful area you will certainly want to come back for more. Costa Blanca counts with over 250 kilometers of coastal areas, which means you will have more than 250 kilometers of beautiful beaches to visit. Apart from that Costa Blanca also offers several different attractions that can be enjoyed in parks, outside markets and at public areas such as museums and etc.



The Costa Blanca is one of the top places for German and also European people in general. The region counts with delicious Mediterranean gastronomy that serves especially seafood and delicacies. Regardless of what you have seen before visiting Costa Blanca is always bound to be an unforgettable experience. If you are keen on great beaches, then this area is also the perfect destiny for your next trip. The beaches are long, calm and beautiful. If you and your family would also like to enjoy finding delicacies on the street for friendly prices, then you can visit one of the several outside markets that the Costa Blanca region offers to tourists and also the residents.



How to Enjoy Your Holiday on the Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca in Spain is famous the world over. and at any particular time according to the plans of the individual at that time. There are many things that one can do in order to enjoy while spending their holiday at Costa Blanca. These things may include visiting various beautiful spots and places that are beautiful and also very attractive spots for everyone to see. Such places include the following:



Benidorm Party on Dude

This place provides a high quality accommodation to choose from. While at this particular spot one can also do sun partying as the place also has plenty of fellow countrymen to meet and even share your experiences with.


A happy Holidays in Javea

This particular place attracts the French, Dutch, Norwegian, as well as the Germans. When you observe it closely, it is noticeably more middle class than its larger cousin. This venue retains an air of fun in the sky.


Altea, an alternative Spanish destination

This is popular within the German families. It has high quality apartments to rent as well as a plenty of activities to do and see.


What you do not Know About Costa Blanca

Did you know that Costa Blanca is the number one Spanish hotspot for thousands of people? it has many unsurprising facts given that all the miles of the white sandy coastline give an ideal and perfect destination. There are many people who actually don’t know much about the Costa Blanca in Spain and what people do their during specific times. Such people always miss out on the better parts of the day.


Go on a date

On this day, you can decide to go and visit Elche and see the Pal Date Grooves, 200, 000 of them and in fact the only existing one in the entire Europe. This spot has also been a UNESCO world heritage site too since the year 2000.


Something fishy

Here you should take a trip to the Marine reserve at Cape La Nao in Javea. The type of things it allows you to see across the cape are just breathtaking. They are so beautiful and so magnificent that one would not want to live the place. It is therefore very important for an individual to know about this particular place.


Visit ancient lands

This will be a day’s trip to Terre Mitica take you on a journey to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome in this ancient theme world parked. It provides roller coasters, stomach churning rides as well as adrenaline fill hours for the whole family to enjoy.


Best 3 Beaches in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca always flocks with visitors who come to soak up some sun, relax and discover some or all of the top 3 best beaches at Costa Blanca. If you choose the best place then make sure to fully enjoy your vacation right from the start to the end. The best five beaches where one can enjoy the holiday are:


El Paradis-Villajoyosa

This beach is well equipped with facilities such as life guards, loos, play area, beachside bars and restaurants. It is also famous for the manufacture of chocolate.


La Granadella-Javea

It is a popular spot with holidaymakers. It has perfectly shaped horseshoe of pebble very well.  Behind the beach sits a forest of Alleppom Pine Trees that gives a pleasant scent.


Les Rotes Denis

It has a great rocks and golden sand picture, with an afternoon peering into rock polls with the kids excellent scuda diving and also private coves too.


Best places on the Costa Blanca


Are you planning a visit to the beautiful Costa Blanca? Well if the answer is yes, then you will certainly have a lot of fun. There are many different fun places to visit such as the beautiful Mediterranean beaches and the famous seafood restaurants all over the town.


There are more than 250 kilometers of coastal area in Costa Blanca, which means you will be able to visit many different areas and neighbourhoods. Costa Blanca counts with several outside markets that have been a traditional ever since the city’s first years. Regardless of what you have seen before, Costa Blanca will certainly enchant you.


Regardless of what you are used to, you will certainly enjoy the delicious Mediterranean restaurants that serve the best seafood in the world. This amazing area in Spain counts with beautiful buildings and houses that were created with a specific design. Everything about the Costa Blanca will appeal to you. From the Alicante harbour to the palm trees in Elx everything exudes beauty with simplicity. What can you expect from Costa Blanca? You will certainly love the Mediterranean restaurants, the people and also the streets and shops in general. You and your family will have a lot of fun in this area that Europeans love to visit.


Accommodation on the Costa Blanca


Costa Blanca offers tourists and residents several different options when the subject is accommodations. From beautiful and luxurious hotels, to small and cozy apartments for rent, Costa Blanca offers the best options for all needs and budgets. The area counts with a full structure that is perfect for tourists. There are many apartments and houses that are for rent during the best seasons such as summer. The rentals are quite accessible and people often stay for as long as 40 days. Costa Blanca is a good place for families for example. You can either stay at a hotel or even rent your own house there for the season. The prices are very good and there are many different offers for you.



If you prefer, you can even rent a room in someone’s house! This is a process that many tourists that go alone to the coastal area do. Regardless of what is best for you, be certain of one thing: You will not spend a lot of your euros with accommodations. Even the hotels that are close to the beach have very accessible prices. Most accommodations at hotels also offer meals for a small addition of pricing. If you are alone and would like to eat fast and with quality this is a very good option for you.



4 Best hotels on the Costa Blanca

If you are looking for a very good option of hotels in the Costa Blanca region in Spain then the following are good options:

Abaco in Altea – Cozy and beautiful rooms combined with a very friendly group of workers. This is what the Abaco hotel in the Altea region offers best. The rooms are beautiful and well decorated. Everything is clean and the prices are amazing. If you stay at this hotel you will have a very beautiful view of the streets that surround the hotel. A beautiful option for newlyweds as well.


Villa Venecia–Benidorm : This option is luxurious. Wide and beautiful apartments that face the Mediterranean sea. The apartments are plain however very comfortable. For a quality stay count with this great hotel. The cost per day is around 170 euros.


Gran Hotel Soy y Mar –Calpe : This resort like hotel is perfect for those who want to enjoy their stay at the fullest. The rooms are spacious and well decorated. The outside areas of the hotel will certainly remind you of the resort, the perfect option for those who want entertainment and resting at the same place.

Les Rotes Hotel – Denia: A beautiful option for a couple in love. The hotel is classy and the staff are well prepared.


Nature on the Costa Blanca

It is simply impossible to say enough things about how great the nature on the Costa Blanca is. There are many different features about the area that call attention, especially of tourists. It is as if the Costa Blanca was a little paradise in Spain that was blessed by the Gods. Here are some of the main natural features that you will be able to find in several of the small towns that are in the Costa Blanca.



Parks for example, are all around Costa Blanca. There are several green reservations that are open to the public. For those who prefer water, they will be able to visit the Beaches. The crystal clear sea and beautiful sea life can be seen in the beaches. A tourist that does not visit at least a couple beaches in the Costa Blanca will not be able to say that he truly came to the area!



As for the Hills, Oh they are perfect for people who like to explore and to live adventures in the wild. The hills are tall and beautiful and are located all around the Costa Blanca. Tourists have easy access to the area and can count on guides for a stroll. As the final touch you will have the Seafood and other animals! The area has a wide range of seafood. You name it the fisherman will have it on your plate. You may also easily find lamb, rabbit and other meats all over the area.
















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