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Resort Description for Alicante






The class of the Caribbean!  The crowning jewel of the Costa Blanca!  Alicante is the capital city of the region by the same name, a port city with amazing nightlife. It is called the friendliest city in Spain. 

Alicante has a population of 335,000 and is home to an international airport.  It was part of the Roman Empire until the Arab Conquests of the 8th century.  Then ruled by Moors, it was taken back by King Alfonso X during the conquest.

The gorgeous beach city offers sites, attractions, and entertainments for a wide variety of tastes.  Those who are interested in gorgeous architecture will delight in the Santa Barbara Castle.  This historical fortress overlooks the town from its perch on Mount Benacantil. 

Another amazing view is Alicante’s skyline, a vista that will make you want to jump on the long row of sand-colored buildings includes the towering Hotel Gran Sol and the Carbonell House.  Another big attraction is the Explanada de Espana, a long promenade with a wavy topography made of marble tiles.

Visitors and residence alike spend a lot of time at the seaside promenade, which is especially lovely when lit up at night.  Similarly, Luceros Square is a festive adornment of the city.  Long term rentals will put you right in the center of all these amazing sites.  There are also many monuments, museums, and churches to take in. But we can’t forget about the beaches, one of the great features of this fine city. 

Playa de San Juan is the longest—7km—of the city’s beaches.  It has a full range of facilities and is extremely popular, with water sports being one of the favorite activities for beach goers.  Playa Postiguet is near town center and features a long promenade, with proximity to many restaurants.  There are five or six other beaches in Alicante. Its mild climate is perfect for oceanside adventures of all kinds

The city definitely has its share of nightlife, which of course doesn’t start until roughly midnight and stretches until about 7.  Bars such as Carpe Diem and Dos Gringos serve up plenty of intoxicating fare.

Many cities in the Costa Blanca have festivals, and Alicante is no exception.  The biggest, at the end of June, is Las Hogueras de San Juan.  This involves the building of elaborate, colour monuments that are then burned.  Also, beach fireworks mark the festival.

As far as dining goes, you can forge on paella and freshly-caught seafood.  Restaurante Darsena, Restuarante Nou Manolin, and Restaurante El Canto are some of the standouts.  One can either go with a big entrée of fish or another meat or go tapas style.  In any case, there’s no shortage of varied flavors in this seaside town.

At night, Alicante, with its large buildings built in a grid around the harbour, make the city look like a painting—one can feel the excitement.  During the day, the same vista highlights the stunning blue of the Mediterranean sea.  No matter where you look in Alicante are picturesque views which invite you to stroll around with a special someone, just taking everything in.

The city offers a nice variety of options, from great nightlife, to a casual beach lifestyle, to some mountainous hiking.  With a constant influx of tourists, the economy is steady, and properties are only rising in value.  Whether you are looking for properties on which to live or are seeking to rent, you’ll be able to find a solid value in Alicante.








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