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Resort Description for Altea

Altea is a sea town made for poets or song writers.  There are so many words aching to be put to the town’s curving, zagging streets, its wrought-iron lamps and balconies, its tiled roofs.  You can hear the lilt of an accordion when you look at the blue domes of the church of La Mare de Deu del Consol.  The town nearly weeps with beauty.

The town was once a fortified enclave, its structures built by James I of Aragon to defend against Moorish invaders are drenched in that deep history.  After functioning as a fishing village for centuries, the town began to take on a tourist character in the 1960s.  The climate is mild and beaches plentiful.

To fully experience this picturesque town, you may choose hills which will give you a nice panoramic view of Altea’s charms.  From there, you can gaze out at the Mediterranean and the black visage of the mountain on the horizon.

Altea comes from a Moorish word meaning “good health” and when you visit the region it won’t be hard to see why.  Whether you’re strolling along one of the seaside paved promenades or hiking or biking one of the many trails, you’ll feel invigorated.  If you’re not quite up for offroad adventure, the town has created a bike lane on popular promenades and streets.


Spain has long been a popular getaway for Europeans who’ve piled up a lifetime of achievement and are ready to take advantage of any villas that happen to be for sale.  Here you’ll feel a part of Spain and its cultures and less like a part of a big machine for tourists.  The food, the people, the music in the cafes at night are all very authentic to the Eastern Spanish experience.

When you’re in Altea, if you’re like a lot of people, you may find yourself out in the countryside on a long drive along a hilly road, looking out over the endless stretches of Mediterranean. For those who aren’t in need of a wild nightlife, the simple beauty of Altea may just be the place you feel at home.  







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