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From your balcony view you can look down at the dazzling blue ocean and gaze across at the arcing coastline, behind which stand a silver crop of high-rises.  Perched in an upper floor you can take in the sun setting atop the rocky promontory.

The town of Benidorm has everything: urban nightlife, lazy sunny beach days, culture, and outdoor adventure.  Located on Spain’s Costa Blanca, a few miles south of Altea and within the province of Alicante, Benidorm is vibrant, festive, and both modern and traditional. It offers a rare and exhilarating combination of relaxing beaches and ultra-urbane clubs, bars, and restaurants attest to its old-term Spanish flavours, showcasing in Benidorm an urbane feel to rival Europe’s major cities.

A tourist mecca, Benidorm has grown dramatically in the last fifty years.  The great climate and coastline, as well as proximity to major European population centre, make it an almost inevitable tourist target, and that’s exactly what town planners desired in the late 1950’s.  At that time, the city was looking for an economic boost after a downturn in its fishing industry.  Since then, it has been built into a well-planned, fully stocked adventure land with just about any attraction imaginable.  Vistors usually enjoy theme parks such as Mundomar, Aqualandia, and Terra Mitica.  The latter, in a way that is somewhat reminiscent of Las Vegas, is divided into regions meant to evoke legendary empires such as Rome and Egypt.  A few days in the town and you’ll feel as though it exists solely for your delight and entertainment.

As for the permanent dwellers, who have taken advantaged of many of them are just as likely as vacationers to enjoy the annual Indie Music festival in July.  The residents also mingle with tourists in the town’s many night clubs.  With a population of 72,000 permanent residents, Benidorm is more than just a jumping tourist playground.

Another aspect of the town that is dear to both locals and tourists is the culinary culture.  Foodies will find nothing left to be desired in fine restaurants such as Tiffany’s Restaurant Benidorm, Kataria Gastronomica, and Bilbaino.  Tiffany’s is a renowned, upscale establishment offering, of course, seafood, and Spanish staples like rice and pasta.  Kataria Gastronomica is stylish and slightly avant garde, while Bilbaino offers Valencian Cuisine.

Naturally, these restaurants serve some of the delicacies that come from the sea.  One of the things that is so charming about the town is that it existed as a small fishing village until the middle of the twentieth century.  The town retains a village feel due to the abundance of greenery and open lands that mingle among the more modern touches.  This is true throughout the large and growing town, in each of its sections: Poniente, Levante, El Castell, La Cala, and El Rincon de Loix.

The Poniente and Levante sections are both home to large beaches that share their name.  These glorious expanses of sand, along with Platja del Pas, supply so much of the towns flavor.  They help it retain a casual, celebratory, family-friendly atmosphere.  And because of these beaches, Benidorm will always be, however urban and sophisticated it grows, a place of natural beauty and of relaxation.

Whether you’re looking for a versatile, something-for-everyone vacation spot or a place to stay put awhile, this homey village turned vacation destination has everything to offer.  The climate is mild and hospitable, and you just may find that the same is true of the people you meet. 

Benidorm with its golden sand beach that is always well maintained. You can also sample a terrific international show at the world renowned Benidorm Palace. There is a bus service to and from Benidorm and taxis are available at very reasonable rates. 

The nearby quaint town of Finestrat is typical of traditional Spain with its Mediterranean architecture and with beautiful views from the mountains to the sea. Within the areas surrounding the centre of the town you will find a large choice of perfect properties for all round residency or as an investment for holiday rental.

For children of all ages Benidorm have some of the best theme parks in Europe. Mundomar,Terra Mitica,Terra Natura, Sea Life Park; and Aqualandia waterpark.




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