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Resort Description for Calpe

The cape curves gently to the right, with lightly-constructed white skyscrapers all along it.  It noses into the sea where it is met by a large monolith of rock.  This is Calpe, a modern, ever-growing city on Spain’s Costa Blanca with property for sale.

Like Benidorm, Calpe is a great example of a town with a skyline along its coast, giving it that great contrast, bustling city meeting lazy beach.  However, you don’t have to go far inland before you begin to feel the old-style flavor of this historical fishing village.

A thousand years ago, the piece of land on the Mediterranean coast that is now Calpe was the object of a tug of war between Arabs and Muslims, and later of the Battle of Two Peters, Monarch Peter II of Aragon and Peter I of Castile. What started out as a sturdy castle involved in a history of battle became, in 1386, the town it is today.

Draw some of their value from the time-tested and time-honored nature of the town, one that has withstood whatever nature and invading forces have thrown at it.  The people of the town retain their traditions while sharing their piece of paradise with a new kind of invader—the tourist due to the rugged and durable nature of Calpe’s economy, one that thrives on fishing and trade as well as on tourism. 


Like many towns on the Costa Blanca, Calpe is becoming a destination for Europeans looking for a getaway or permanent residence at the time of their retirement. 

Whatever one’s motive for choosing Calpe, long-term visitors and new residents alike gravitate toward the beaches.  They are good for relaxation, people-watching and socializing, but many get a bit more adventurous and head for the scuba diving, glass-bottom boats, windsurfing, etc.  The beauty of it is, many owners of restaurants have seen fit to build their establishments’ right on the seafronts, so you don’t have to hop in a car to make the transition from beach relaxation to serious dinner.

It’s hard to find a town, in Spain or anywhere else, that has as much in the way of small-town village charm along with entertainments and amenities such as nice restaurants and fun bars and clubs.





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