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Resort Description for Gandia

When I was a child, my family took a short holiday in Gandia.  I remember walking on the beach, searching for shells with my sister.  My mother and father were walking behind us—because we were digging up and examining shells, they’d catch up and pull ahead.  Then we’d catch up and get ahead, and so on.  It’s a small great memory.

Beaches are the essence of Gandia, which is located between Valencia and Alicante.  The Mediterranean slides up to the continent as gently as any body of water, and Costa Blanca beaches are as luxurious as any on Earth will always be valuable just for the beaches, in addition to all the other traits of the town. 

One thing often referred to as Gandia Beach, and then the inland sections Gandia town.  With a population of 80,000, Gandia is one of the biggest Cost Blanca tourist resorts, with a very full and developed downtown, sporting a full complement of markets, industry, restaurants, and nightlife.



What’s interesting is that the beach district itself has a lot of the bars and restaurants, which means you can transition from your sunny daytime activities right into the wilder night activities without even having to take a taxi.


Property for sale is located both in Gandia Beach and Gandia town—it’s all up to your preference.  In the town, roughly a kilometres from the beaches, you’ll find the many monuments and other historical and cultural locales. 


One of the biggest traits of the history of Gandia is the reign of the infamous Borgia family, with the most famous member being Pier Luigi de Borgia, first Duke of Gandia.  Pier fought in the Granada War, winning great fame in the Battle of Ronda, which in turn won him the honor of grandee of Spain in May of 1485.  He then inherited the lands that are now Gandia.

Whether you think of beaches as a location for shell hunting, peaceful walks, or cocktail-drenches evenings that go til dawn, Gandia has the white sands for you.  Your extended stay will be supported by the plentiful businesses of all kinds in Gandia town.  You won’t be too far from Alicante’s international airports, and are always in a good locale for a drive up and down the Costa Blanca.

Playa de Gandia hosts probably the best beach in the region with its own harbour and marina, in the direction towards the neighbouring town of Xeraco. Gandia town is approx 3km; there, you can visit The Borjia's Palace and college built by the family, or visit Xativa, with its ancient historic links.

Visit Albufera National Park with its lakes, birdlife and waterside restaurants, and go swimming in a waterfall. Beach front apartments to more modest studio or one bedroom apartments in the town. If you are looking for an apartment in a busy traditional Spanish town then Gandia is the place for you.

There is also a connection to Valencia city centre by train from the rail station in Gandia, and this is well worth a visit. You will find a large choice of properties around the surrounding towns, amongst orange groves.

Visit Guadalest, taking a catamaran trip along the coast, exploring the caves; and then go ashore to browse the many street markets, a vast area of sand stretching 3km in one direction to the port and some 7km in the other direction.




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