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Resort Description for Guardamar

The Mediterranean Coast of Spain is full of surprises, and the town of Guardamar del Segura is as good an example of this as any.  That has many reasons, with one being the immense pine forest just off the town’s main coastline.  Pine trees are not what one thinks of when they think of Spain, but they are one of the distinctive features of Guardamar.  You can think of the tall trees as guarding the sea and that is where the town gets its name, from the Spanish “guadar” meaning safe keeping, while “mar,” of course, means sea.

This small town has a modest population of 17,000, and lies at the southern tip of Alicante, and marks one of the southern-most places where Catalan is spoken.  It has taken on some of the tourist qualities of other Costa Blanca locales, but was traditionally a fishing and farming area.  That is where it gets its natural beauty, a trait that makes it attractive for you find an old-world feel, even if it is within easy drives to many other beach communities. can help you to a home away from home or expat lifestyle, soaking in the luxuriousness of Spain you’ve worked so hard to acquire..

Properties of various kinds will put you in a choice vantage point, from which you can gaze out at the city’s orange shingled rooftops and white stucco towers.  Property owners have all the time in the world to soak up the local culture, living a lifestyle typical of the people of the Spanish Coast.  This might involve enjoying a nice afternoon siesta or looking visiting the bustling market on Wednesdays, eating a seafood meal late at night, and enjoying a gin and tonic in the early morning, either at the beach or in a café on a narrow street.


Guardamar is a lovely Spanish coastal town surrounded by sand dunes, pine forests and nature reserves. It is easily accessible from both Alicante and Murcia airports.

It has a lovely, 10km long beach, and an unspoilt Spanish town with a wide selection of restaurants serving traditional Spanish food.  It has plenty of things to visit, like a lovely park, castle and market.





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