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Resort Description for Oliva

Oliva is just south of Gandia and a moderate drive from Valencia, located in the north-coastal part of the Costa Blanca.  There are many properties for sale in Oliva town, which is known for the Santa Ana Castle, perched atop a hill in the center of town.  Like all ancient Spanish castles, the Santa Ana Castle is partly in ruins, a ghostly window into bygone centuries.

Villas for sale in Oliva afford views of the olive groves for which the town is named, as well as orange groves.  From there, wind your way down the National Road to open-air markets offering clothing and fabrics and great produce.  Without questions, as those who have availed themselves of apartments or long-term rentals for sale in Oliva know, the town is festive, with a huge emphasis on congregating outdoors.


Xiriguitos are bars on the beach—picture the pavilions and tables with umbrellas you’ve seen in movies with people dancing, carefree, their drinks also with (much smaller) umbrellas. 

This is the sort of atmosphere to be found in the Xiriguitos. How would one turn down the opportunity to buy a property for sale in such a place like Oliva? Furthermore, the town of Oliva is the site of many periodical festivals that have to be experienced.

First of all, there’s the spectacular Bull run in which a male bovine chases humans down the street.  Then you have the Ferria De Verano and the concurrent feast of San Joan, ushering the beginning of Summer, when the Xiringuitos are built and opened.  The Cuncurso de Paella is a festival of light, while the Three Kings festival is a sort of Christmas in January.

While enjoying the coastal peacefulness of Oliva, you can also dine in top-notch restaurants such as Brutus Oliva and Restaurante Soqueta, where you’ll be served the choice catches from the Mediterranean. Oliva is a charming, perfect getaway from some of the busier, bigger Costa Blanca towns.  Real estate of many varieties is available to suit your needs.                          

Oliva is one of the many great destinations on the Costa Blanca.  When you come to spend some time on the Mediterranean Coast, one of the best options is buying a villa.   Will give you a home away from home, proving much more economical than a hotel and giving you more comfortable accommodations.

Stucco walls, red-tiled roofs, porticos and small balconies, all of these mark the style of a Spanish villa in the lush countryside in and around Oliva.  If spending an afternoon on the patio relaxing with your feet up and a drink at your side, gazing out at the spacious olive groves is your idea of a good time, contact us for some housing. 

Oliva is a scenic wonderland, allowing you to bask in the glow of the peaceful nature, taking in the glory of the vast olive and orange groves.  From elevated viewpoints, the views are breathtaking.  There’s nothing like looking down at the Mediterranean Sea, except, of course, for getting to dip your toes in it.

As part of the Costa Blanca, Oliva does afford spectacular coastline, 10 km of it.  The beaches are not only a prime destination for visitors, but also a social hub and a center for entertainment.  Radiating out from them is the Promenade, leading into the markets.   Like many coastal Spanish towns, Oliva has many rustic open-air markets, offering homemade craft, fabrics and garments, and fresh seafood.


That gives Oliva a great village feel, yet it is also very festive.  A lot of the festive nature of Oliva comes from the xiringuitos, large, outdoor taverns, bringing together and forming communities, all over spectacular drinks and partying.  The xiringuitos will definitely be a part of your long term stay.

Oliva is a cheerful and festive town, which is why I always enjoy my time there.  It has done a great job of retaining its old-world charm while also being modern and fun, with partying and food and a great all-around lifestyle.  That is part of what makes it a destination for wealthy retirees from various parts of Europe.  If that is the lifestyle with which you’d like to reward yourself, we’re the real estate company for you.




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