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Resort Description for Moraira


The small town of Moraira is perched on a nose of land jutting out into the Meditteranean.  It is south of Javea on the Costa Blanca.  The first thing one notices when one looks at the coastline of Moraira is its magnificent white buildings clustered above equally white beaches.  Properties like these are for sale in Moraira, and the town  many appeals make the property very inviting indeed.

Moraira was once a modest fishing village, and while it has grown and become increasingly modern, it still has fishing boats in operation and a thriving fish market.  The market is one of the most popular sellers of fish in the Costa Blanca, and on some mornings they hold auctions at which you can bid on scorpion fish, sea bream, tuna, red mullet, even octopus.

On Fridays, a large open-air market is open, offering spices and foods and various craft items.  It creates a lively, friendly atmosphere.  This sort of sunny, outdoor mingling, socializing, and shopping is the kind of activity that has inspired so many to look for apartments for sale in Moraira. 

The great markets are definitely a big part of Moraira, but there are so many other landmarks and attractions.  As is the case with all the towns along the Costa Blanca, the beaches are chief among attractions.  Moraira’s beaches are as gorgeous as any in the region.  They sport sweeping curves along which stand picturesque homes, including the kinds of villas for sale in Moraira.  One of the best is Playa El Portet, which is a blue-flag beach surrounded by pine trees that climb the gentle hills dotted with villas. L’Ampolla is a large beach completely gold in color. The town beaches also include small coves for snorkeling or swimming; there is also the marina and the yacht club.

One of the other big attractions is the Castillo de Moraira, a large stone structure of what remains of the old lookout.  It was built to resist Berber pirate attacks and was hit by the British navy in 1801. Today it is a popular tourist attraction.

The town is an enthusiastic host of many festivals. People who buy any of the many property for sale in Moraira will find no shortage of entertainments awaiting them. One of the greatest is the Gourmet Race, each October, in which racers fly around in their boats while cooking fish. In February, revelers don masks for the Moraira Carnival, a big drinking and eating bash.  This party competes well with another food fest, Moraira Gastronomic Week, with several restaurants providing multi-course meals.

Year-round, whether you’re living in a long-term rental for sale in Moraira or in other accomodation, you’ll find some high-quality restaurants.  The town is really all about fish and dining on fish.  Restaurants such as Le Dauphin, Gastrobar Zensatez, Eleven, and Vespa’s should satisfy.

One thing to know about Moraira is that it is governed by the neighboring town of Teulada.  Many residents of Moraira enjoy long scenic drives into nearby towns or out of the countryside. Moraira has a very colorful atmosphere, made up with great diversity, with expatriates from many European nations.  While it is growing, it does a nice job of not becoming an instant mega-town—regulations limit the number of high rises.

The town has a small permanent population of just 10,000, though an influx raises that number to 36,000 in Summer. Moraira represents a great opportunity for building or other property investments. It is a growing town, which means now is the best time to invest.  A variety of properties are available for your needs.

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Where to stay in Moraira

Even though Moraira is considered a small Mediterranean town located in Spain, it provides tourists a full structure for them to enjoy their trips as many times as they please. The city is surrounded by ports and beautiful hills; however, you certainly will not be able to sleep in such places. For you to enjoy your stay with comfort and safety you can choose one or more of the following options.

The Holiday properties are rented for certain periods of time. Tourists and visitors usually rent these for days or even weeks. These houses are usually fancy and count with private amenities such as private pool, bathtubs, saunas and even exercising rooms. These are literally private hotels. You can find them all over town, including some that stay near the hills in Moraira. Now if you prefer something smaller you can choose Hotels because Moraira has several comfortable hotels all over town. 

Now if you need something cheaper you can stick to the Bed and Breakfast Inns .These are perfect for people who love to explore and do not want to waste time at hotels or huge mansion like houses. Hikers and other sport lovers like this option because they can simply sleep and get something to eat before heading for yet another day of adventures.

Moraira is a pretty town set between the airports of Alicante and Valencia that boasts 3 nice sandy beaches. It is a very clean, unspoilt and bright seaside town, with many restaurants, bars, shops and supermarkets. The weekly Friday market is a must, together with the night time street market stalls. 

Close by, within walking distance is a local shopping area, with supermarket, bakery, newsagents, hairdressers, laundry, car hire, bars and restaurants. Within the hills surrounding the village you will find a large choice of perfect properties for all round residency or as an investment for holiday rental

L’Ampolla and El Portet are two of the biggest and best-known beaches in the Costa Blanca town of Moraira.  They feature grand curves of coastline, decorated by picturesque homes and lush trees.  These beaches are as lovely as any in the Costa Blanca region, and they are the chief contributors to the town’s charm. 

On weekday or weekend mornings you’ll find people from all over Europe cavorting on the hot, white sand, playing volleyball, conversing, partying, getting tan, and of course, swimming.  You’ll also find snorkelers, divers, and jet skiers. Many people like to take extended holidays on the Costa Blanca’s small beach towns, and also looking for villas buy in Moraira to make to make their stay more permanent.  And prices have never been more affordable.

Having a home base overlooking the small village of Moraira should prove to be the best way to spend your days exploring what the town has to offer.

Moraira is small, but not without its attractions.  One is the Castillo de Moraira, a large stone structure of what remains of the old bastion.  It was used to defend against Berber pirate attacks and was struck by the British navy in 1801.  Today it is a thriving tourist attraction.

Yet, the town does offer much more than historic landmarks.  During festival times it really bursts into life.  One of the best festivals is the Moraira Carnival, which takes place each February.  Festival goers dress in masks and other costumes and occupy the town’s central streets, gorging on food and wine.  A similar fiesta is Moraira Gastronomic Week which brings out all the town’s best restaurants into the streets, where they serve four-course meals.

Because Moraira is a fishing town, it brings amazing seafood to the plate and has many dazzling restaurants.  The Costa Blanca region of Spain is all about prawns, shrimp, lobster, monkfish, and other delicacies from the Mediterranean, served in stews and in the rice dish paella.

If you are thinking of becoming an expatriate from your home country of Germany, Ireland, Britain, or anywhere else in Europe, staying in Moraira for some time is a good way to find out if a change of residence is for you.  We’re here to help you with your   purchase, with many high-quality properties available.






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